The 2016 Cosmobilities Conference will be held at the Evangelische Akademie in Bad Boll, near Stuttgart, Germany.

The Protestant Academy Bad Boll is located 45 km southeast of Stuttgart in southern Germany (for directions and further travel information go to the Getting There page). The aim of the Academy is to build bridges between people and traditional conceptions and new ideas. It is an institution of the Protestant Church, but it does not seek to lay down specific rules on religious beliefs. In fact, the Academy encourages discussion of controversial issues, as well as the awareness and acceptance of differing points of view. Since it was founded in 1945, the Academy has continuously provided a forum for intellectual, intercultural and ecumenical exchange. The Academy is also an exhibition venue, presenting artists and their works, and is itself a site for art, with its own sculptures and reliefs.

The conference location also includes accommodation (lodging and meals). When registering to attend the conference you can therefore also organize your lodging and meals during the conference. Travel must be organized individually.

The concept behind catering and housekeeping is based on environmental awareness. Chef de cuisine Wolfram Siebeck awarded the Bad Boll catering team the silver Biostar Prize, which acknowledges creative organic concepts for large-scale catering. The slogan guiding purchase of ingredients is – seasonal, regional, fair. The Academy also makes its contribution to the environment through its use of rainwater, thermal power, pellets and photovoltaics and has also developed a certified sustainability management in the areas of economics and social welfare.

More information on the location can be found online at

Photos courtesy of the Evangelische Akademie.